I  )
All the Universe is an Aesthetic Object,
& Finding Art is in the Attitude...

It's All in the Attitude!

Have Appreciation for Creation,
Be it's Eyes, Ears, and Voice...

We best Understand Creation,
Through Creation...

Through Art- Revelation!

Art Is the "Fallout" of the Mystic Experience...
the Outer expression of inner Transformation,
an act of soul-searching & "Ecstatic Confession".

Mysticism is the Contemplation of the Source of All
that Is Immanent & Transcendent...

& that which is Transcendent may merely be
That which we can not yet know...

As there are many things yet to be Known,
and many ways to know One Thing.

Remember, Names & Labels are deceiving - Expectations Shape Interpretations,
& What Reveals also Conceals... Leave room for the Mystery!

See the Beauty in the Mystery, and
the Unity & Divinity in All this Ambiguity...

Create an Art of Questions??

Give me your Vision-
See Clearly, Differently, or Independently...

Every Individual Deserves the Right to Confront the World Anew.
& Art becomes Craft when it avoids difficult confrontation.

Let Art be a Self-exploding/expanding Union with God
and the World that Transcends Duality, and Transforms Attitude...

To see the Sacred in Nature,
& the Sublime in the commonplace...

To look at Anything and See colliding Galaxies, Exploding suns,
Radient pillars of gas, and vast Nothingness...

To know that every Moment IS an Explosion of Creativity!  

II )

"Everything Flows"...

Stability is an Illusion,
Everything Is in Flux...

Creation is Continual...
& God is hard to find so "he" can Be everywhere.

God, as Creation, Is Ever-present!
To experience God as a Presence,  Embrace the Present!

God; the Creator, and God; All of Creation, ARE the Same!
God Is both your internal Self and the external Universe...

though God is neither Internal or External, Personal or Impersonal,
Immanent or Transcendent.  God is beyond our Divisions & Dualities...

the Inner and the Outer ARE One...
ever look at the world and Feel you are looking at Innards??

We were not Thrown Into the world,
we Grew out of It!

YOU are something the Universe is Doing
with its natural Intelligence and automatic Processes...

the Universe Grew Us as surely as We grew our brains & bones-
Unconsciously!  Why not Identify with It, or Open to a Larger Self?

The Whole Universe (both immanent and transcendent)
IS your True Be-ing and Immortal Soul...

your Ego Is its Own thought, a social convention, a perception deception.
As thought goes, so does Ego...

though a purpose of  Ego & Mind is to Refine Life & Art, not Dictate it.

To Pursue No-Mindedness IS to be Mind-Full.
To Pursue Self-less-ness IS to find your True Self.

an Artisit's Creed
( the secret sayings of Lo-Pi Saans )