VI )

Don't Fear Death...
If Death Is Non-Existence, You've been There Before.
Take It One Life at a time...

& Pay Attention!  Develop your Sensitivities...
Have Gratitude!  See the Radiance Now!               

As Artists we take the Infinite and reduce it to
Finite, Significant Form so it can be understood...

We imagine Shapes for a Thing with many shapes,
& Patterns are Created by the Mind to Explain the Inexplicable.

Art is our Meditation,
as we best understand Creation through creating.

The Act of Creation (and the thing created) can render an experience of the world as if heaven-
radiant, wondrous, ordered, balanced, beautiful, but still mysterious...

Heaven Is Not a Place you Go,
Its' a Place YOU Create... in your Actions & Attitude, in Creating & Seeing-
& You Are already there ( as Creation Is Heaven Itself.).

All Artists Are Utopians!  All Art is a Religious Retreat.
(& maybe Creating is better than Owning, and closer to the nature of things.)
& the Act of Creating may be Heaven Itself.

Absolute Reality, God & Heaven, Are Here Now ("spread out before you!")...
Breathe,.. Be Open,.. Be Present... Relax - and the World Is Beautiful!
This Is It... Live It Well!.


Find that ONE thing that Reveals this Unity... ("follow your bliss")

The Truth IS...You ARE It!
God Alone- Everything!  A Living God- Everywhere!

Don't confuse the Label, Symbol, Art, or Dialogue, For the Thing it Re-Presents!
( Or the finger pointing at the moon for the moon itself. )

You Can't put God, or Life, In a Box...
Life Is Not a Problem to be solved, but a Reality to be Experienced.

What you Call It is Not Important...
It is best to have a Religion and Art that Is Beyond Names & Labels...
one that can See Clearly...

& "Dwell in the World, Not in the Mind!"

Life does Not have to be Transcended...
but We must first Overcome Our Preconceptions, Expectations, and Images
of God  Before we can touch what is Truly Important- Real Life!

... we must set aside our re-presentations
Before we can Connect with God in the Everyday...

Forget your Plans, Labels, and Worries,
and just Trust that it will Happen.


Art is Not a Substitute for Life, Or a Means to an End,
It IS a Way to Inhabit the Present ...

again, Art & Life Are their own Reward...
Don't Reduce them to Economics (or Dialogue)!
Do you "Feel" a connection to a "Larger Self" when Creating?

With this "Yoga of Creativity", one not only finds Union with Self
( others, & the Universe ),
one changes the Self to be Comfortable with Change.

Know that This World, This Experience, Our Lives,
Can be Made Sacred, Whole, Sublime, and Transcendent,
By Finding the Art & Beauty, the Wonder & Radiance - In them...

Its' "All in the Attitude" the way of Art develops,
and the sensitivities it engenders...

& Accepting that only Nothingness itself is Perfect,
you Learn to Live With Imperfection,
as Perfection Is an Illusion.

Even when Flawed and Imperfect, "things" Can still be Redeemed...
not by asking "Why?" - but by saying "Thanks!".

copyright 1992-2001, Lo-Pi Saans.

Newly revised and expanded from the 1992 original, "An Artist's Creed".

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an Artisit's Creed
( the secret sayings of Lo-Pi Saans )