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L O U I S    P I R R O
547 South 11th Ave.
Pocatello, ID 83201
(208) 232-7208
2007 - 2011    Adjunct Faculty: Courses taught have included Introduction to Painting, Figure Drawing, Drawing 1,
                        & Independent Study at Idaho State University, Pocatello, ID.

1990 - 2007     Free-Lance Artist: Specialzing in Illustration, portraiture, promotional graphics, website design,
                         and fine art for diverse markets.  Clients include; Cine'-Med Corp., Woodbury, CT, NanoTech Corp.,
                         Convergent Solutions, Eclipse Media, Dudley's Sports Bar, The Portneuf Valley Brewery, Discmakers,
                         Lowenthal & Associates, Idaho State University, Bannock County Sheriffs Dept., Arsenic Lobster,
                         Acid Press, Nielson Law Office, The College Market, Aura Soma Lava, Pocatello, ID.
1982 - 2006     Mural Artist: Designed and executed thirteen large murals commissioned for the interiors of public
                         buildings in Connecticut and Idaho.

1989 - 2006     Arts Writer: Publication credits include
The Temple, The Heron's Nest, Eclipse Media, EthosThe Weather, & Spew.

2000 - 2003     Site Administrator: Responsible for design, content, indexing, and maintenance of

1996                Technical Consultant: Developed independent testing and varnishing procedures for a new painting system.

1989 - 1990     Teaching Assistant: Idaho State University, Pocatello, ID.

1988 - 1989     Researcher: Analyzed contemporary art for thesis "Maximalism; Understanding the Postmodern Syndrome".

1986 - 1987     Art Director: Charlton Publications, Derby, CT.  Responsible for all aspects of the design and layout of
                         several mass-market magazines.

1986 - 1987     Illustrator: Completed series of cover illustrations for
Real West magazine and other clients.

1986                Illustrator's Assistant: For Steven Stroud, Editorial and Cover Illustrator, Ballentine Books and other clients.

1983 - 1984     Technical Assistant: Housatonic Museum of Art, Bridgeport, CT.  Assisted in curation, hanging, and promotion
                         of museum exhibitions.

1984                Graphic Designer: The Suburban News, Shelton, CT.

1983                Drawing Instructor: Ansonia Nature Center cultural enhancement program.  Ansonia, CT.

1982 - 1984     Assistant Cartoonist: For Sal Trapani of DC Comics.  Assisted in the creation of syndicated
                         "World's Greatest Superheroes" daily comic strip.
T E A C H I N G  /  F I E L D   E X P E R I E N C E
The Planetary Society  ( member ).
School of Idaho  ( member ).
Bonsai Sake Club  ( member ).  ( member ).
Art Majeur  ( member ).