t e n  m i n u t e s  o f  d a w n
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H A I K U / S E N R Y U

golden locust buds
in the cold rain
on graduation day

balcony on Capri
bats dart for cigarette butts
thrown from above

ten minutes of dawn
black bass leap
forgetting the sky

(c) copyright Louis Pirro & the Bonsai Sake Club 1997-2009

bare wet branches
reflect red neon light -
stolen corvette found

midday sun brighter
through the overturned glass
with a fly caught beneath
shadows of branchlets
echoing capillaries
trace her face

blazing sun
the fly caught beneath 
a wine glass

first published in The Heron's Nest

smell of diesel
half-moon sets
behind the pines

autumn rain
the bum with a sign
"this IS my job!"

wildflowers gone to seed
long shadows dwell
on the fallen concrete stair

spider spins it's web
in silhouette by twilight
a small dim star