The  O r i e n t a l i s t
Selections from the Asian Aphorisms of Lo-Pi Saans
P A G E    3
Is this not enough for you ?
If not,  pass on only the most basic and purified "information".
The "creed", or "code", must always be made simple.

You may hold only an "attitude", or worldview,
but not a Religion or Philosophy proper...
do this so you can Transcend religious and
philosophical "bounderies" and "labels".
Do this and you will be what the great sages were-
active spiritual seekers...
We will not deify them and sacrifice our mono-theism,
but you will do what they did-
You will see the world as a Sacred Place.
You will be United in Understanding & Love for the world with them.
And you will share their commonground in the Absolute Reality of the present.

Their life and enlightenment is self-proclaimed,
but will you  "walk away from it all right in the middle of it all ?"...
No-One can do this.
You have always known that the Creator and "the Creation" are the same.
Brahman is not only the "subject",
but also the Author of Creation...
as the Messenger Is the Message.

Our "Religion" is the Contemplation of the source of All that Is Immanent.
It includes an awareness of the Sacred,
& it Leaves Room for the Mystery.

We believe the "spirit" ( Atman ) is in the commonplace,
and that the "Spiritual" IS IN the everyday...
If one has the correct "Attitude".
One has simply to transcend "preconceptions" of what IS  Brahman / Atman
to forge a new, mature understanding & fully touch the present.

r a h m a n / A t m a n 
This Has Been Said of Creation:
                                                            "That one thing became Creative
                                                              by the power of it's own

All Is Energy,
& All Energy Is Vibration...

Nothingness Vibrating = Everything!

Nothingness Is the Beginning and Center of All Things,
all things Point to It...

but What was the First Vibration that started It All??
(& remember,  All Creation Stories are Cyclical, or Poetry)

Simply, Nothingness Infuses everything
& makes all things Possible...

and Thing-ness Needs its Opposite; No-Thing-ness, to exist...
Thing-ness Needs "holes" in It, to allow it to Vibrate.

Though, True Opposites Are Illusions...                                                                      
Things Are Non-Dual!

Opposites may make each other possible,
but they are different Poles of the Same thing.

We can't have true Nothingness without Mystery...
Mystery Is the Fuel of Creation!

..."the most beautiful experience we can have
is one of Mystery."

Mystery Itself Should be Answer enough,
instead, we "cushion" the Mystery with something comfortable...