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"For Love of Mother Not"
acrylic on 3 canvases
approx.  70"x 72"
$ 679.00
E A R L Y   W O R K                                                              
M A X I M A L I S M S                                                           
oil on board
10"x 12"
$ 249.00
"The Ether"
oil on canvas
39"x 66"
$ 1,229.00
M O A B   A R T                                                                    
"Sheep Rock"
pastel on paper  ( Framed )
22"x 30"
"Morning Assault"
acrylic on canvas
72"x 53"
$ 525.00
"Slender Arch"
pastel on paper
18"x 24"
$ 249.00
F O R   S A L E . . .
ORIGINAL A R T W O R K          
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pastel on paper
22"x 28"
$ 529.00
"The Hindenberg"
acrylic on 2 canvases
55"x 70"
$ 879.00
"The Radiator"
oil on canvas
61"x 80"
$ 1,549.00
P A N  I M A G E R Y /  P R E D E L L A ' S                             
"Before Rapport"
oil on 3 panels
approx. 25"x 60"
oil on 4 panels
approx. 50"x 55"
$ 1,199.00
"Bible Battles"
oil on 5 panels
approx. 62"x 72"
oil on panel
8"x 10"
"Cairns Alone"
oil on panel
5"x 7"
S C H O O L  O F  I D A H O                                                        
acrylic on board
5"x 7"
$ 99.00
Artist CV
F O R   S A L E . . .
ORIGINAL A R T W O R K