The Creation Vibration...

All Is Energy,
& all energy Is Vibration...

Nothingness Vibrating = Everything!

Nothingness Is the Beginning and Center of All Things,
all things Point to It...

but What was the First Vibration that started It All??
(& remember,  All Creation Stories are Cyclical, or Poetry)

Simply, Nothingness Infuses everything
& makes all things Possible...

and Thing-ness Needs its Opposite; No-Thing-ness, to exist...
Thing-ness Needs "holes" in It, to allow it to Vibrate.

Though, True Opposites Are Illusions...                                                                      
Things Are Non-Dual!

Opposites may make each other possible,
but they are different Poles of the Same thing.

We can't have true Nothingness without Mystery...
Mystery Is the Fuel of Creation!

..."the most beautiful experience we can have
is one of Mystery."

Mystery Itself Should be Answer enough,
instead, we "cushion" the Mystery with something comfortable...

IV )

All Religion is an Artform and Social Activity,
with the Mystic Attitude beneath...

Christ was the 1st Christian Mystic,
Buddha, the 1st Zen Master...

Don't accept the Religious Experience 2nd-hand!
Practise Their Religion, Not a Religion About them!

It is the "Message" of the Mystic Traditions that Unites All Religions.
All Mystics Are United in Understanding and Love for the World...
Acceptance, Forgiveness, Love... & Openness to the Present.

(What is the Meaning of Life?- "Its' about Love")

Love makes Union possible,
Union with Others Is Union with God. To Serve others, Is to serve God.
& though Religion is both Art & Myth, it still represents our best Human Hopes.

But "If all Religions are but different Routes up the same Mountain",
The Question Is: Why Is There a Mountain?

V )

There Are No Sacred Truths & Ultimate Answers...
Interpretations Shape Evaluations- "Judge Not!"
Things are not "good" or "bad", "better" or "worse"- only "Different".

Why LOOK for the Truth? - You ARE the Truth.
The only thing we can know for certain- is that "Nothing is Certain",
and often, the Price paid for Certainty- is Truth.

And yet, "Truth is Truth, wherever it is heard...
we find Truth After we've looked everywhere else...
& once you've heard the Truth, anything else is cheap whiskey."

There are only two Mistakes-
Seeing God Nowhere at All,
& Not getting past the Symbols that Re-Present God.

"Every man must work out his own Salvation,"
but total Seperation and Fragmentation is an illusion - You already Have At-One-ment...
to think not is Fragmentation Sickness.

Do you use Knowledge to Connect with Others,
or Seperate from them?

It is more important to develope an Immense Feeling for things
rather than an Immense Knowledge of things...

"The World Is as it Is, whether we Understand or not...
but don't mistake Understanding for Liberation."

The Proof Is In the Practise, in how you Live your Life...
"The Practise IS Enlightenment"...
From your Work and your Life comes your "Spirituality".

Life & Art Are their own Rewards!
Don't Reduce them to Economics, or dialogue.
How you Live Your Life is more important than how much money you make.

One should not be so conscious of Fashion in Art & Life,
and Lose the True Value of Art & Life...

"The Journey Is the Destination!" The Process Is the Product
(Be Comfortable with, & take advantage of; Change, Flux, Flexibility, & Surprise.),
"Life Is a Journey, and the Journey Itself Is Home"

Live Well Now! Live Life Artfully!
Your Life, Art, and Religion Are ONE!

You Are 100% Responsible for your own Experience,
& "Your Character Is your Fate!"... ("if you live by the sword, you'll die by it")
You can't Hide from Who You Are... Your Destiny Will Find You.

You can't Control what happens to you,
But you Can control your Response... and responses Count!
Make the Best of Wherever you end up,
& Leave room for something Better to happen.                     

an Artisit's Creed
( the secret sayings of Lo-Pi Saans )                                
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