The  O r i e n t a l i s t
Selections from the Asian Aphorisms of Lo-Pi Saans
P A G E    1
I cannot be your Guru ( dispeller of darkness ),
Avatar ( exemplar ),
or Swami ( he who is at one with himself )...
I am a flawed and imperfect man,
cut off from the world.
But I was raised to find my own truths,
& I will teach you best what I have needed to learn most...

As my eyes are failing me, I am nearly blind,
but my remaining vision lets me see "oneness" with little effort.
But do not ask me "what is the meaning of life ?".
Ask yourself instead- What Gives Your Life Meaning ?

This is not what you've come to hear...
These "Mysteries of Life", are all we truly possess.
They are all that is truly "Ours",
and we will never "know" any better...
though you will "feel" better!

There is no "certainty" to be found in this life;
Stability is an Illusion, All is in Flux...
and must be to exist!

You may find that what I say Reveals,
but it also Conceals!
So know this:
Unless you are very wise,
  you cannot live your life by the maxims & axioms of others.
There are no sacred truths, nor ultimate answers...
There is only ART-
Only the baroque artifices we are driven  to project over
the Mystery  for our own comfort and enjoyment.
& no matter who or what your myths, beliefs, Gods or Idols may be;
"YOU ARE HERE"...  So, how will you make the best of it?
How will you spend your Time ?
How will you deal with "Life"?
How will you find your comfort and "bliss"?
How will you appreciate this Creation ?
Can we find comfort in the Mystery and
Transform our Doubt ?  Can we
Sanctify our world, our experience?
Reconcile our "Dualism",
or Integrate our-Selves ?
Can we transcend this
"labyrinth of questions" and find,
or experience,  peace and tranquility?,
Or instead, is it made in our Actions and Attitudes?
In Hinduism, every man is required to think steadily on
Life's Mysteries until he reaches the Highest Revelation.
Idols, Images, and "Art", are tolerated in the interest of those
who cannot transcend them, but always there is an insistence
on the Larger Idea, & a push  for Purer Worship.

Always, the question(s) have remained;
& in trying to stand for All things, does it (Hinduism?)
really stand for No-thing ?
Can the "Face Behind the Mask" , the pure, unchanging,
invisible source behind all individual bits in the impermanent changing world
even be pondered or known to us ?

And why does this matter?...
as "the world is as it is whether we understand or not"...
We already have Union (Yoga)...
though we continually desire union with, and knowledge of,
The Absolute & the Eternal.
Our peoples desire and long for something larger then themselves...
they long  for "Home".
I n i t i a t i o n
We can only have Initiation to to these Mysteries,
We can have no permenant  answers.
Our lives "are not mysteries to be solved,
but realities to be experienced."
As our lives are our Art & Meditation
we should Live Them Well- Artfully!

Ultimately, these mysteries can have no name...
They can't be told, named, described,
or even discussed in great detail...
A man of average ability;
there is nothing special about me.
Though I have maintained my "original nature".
Never having been be-laboured by trivia, trivialites,
or an excess of labor,
I am well-schooled in the use of leisure,
& I have learned much through my Art...

I have told the Truth
like all the Others...
only without the Poetry,
the Inspirational Myth,
& the Ceremonial Conformity.
Is that enough for you?