The  O r i e n t a l i s t
Selections from the Asian Aphorisms of Lo-Pi Saans
P A G E    2
Know that these Mysteries are neccessary
for the Emptiness & poverty that make All Creation possible.

There cannot be an Answer!
If there were an answer Creation would not be possible, or even neccessary!

As all "Creation Stories" are Poetry and cyclical in nature,
merely look into yourself ...
Past your joys, past your "personality".
Go very deep -
to that sense of underlying emptiness and poverty
that is the beginning and center of all things...

Do these things and you will "know"
WHY Creation was begun- but must remain a Mystery.
Do these things and you will see
the meaning in the Meaninglessness, and the mystery.

It may be that the Questions,
& the Mystery itself,
Is Answer Enough!
It may be that Mystery Is the Fuel of Creation!
In dealing with teachings so intangible and elusive,
so hard to reduce to coherence,
many "religions of Mystery" open themselves up to abuses...
magic, sooth-saying, superstition, manipulations by fear,
Yogic powers and "tricks"...

The uneducated or uninitiated will find little solace
in the heart of your "mystic" philosophies.
They want to be entertained!
They want Fictions & Fairy Tales,
They want Easy Answers and Platitudes...

& this is not wrong!
If they are Faithful
Do not Disturb them!
Doubt is the enemy of their faith,
and knowledge will only bring them sorrow!
They can live well as they are...

& What are You searching for ?
Why the Guilt ?
No one can tell you how to live-
There is no "One Right Way" to do this.

Is the Truth really so important to you?
Even if the people are wrong or deluded-
So What ?!
They Are all at The Dance.

Only You know that you can't put Life, or Brahman ( God ), in a box!
And the "Truth"?
You can not even give the Truth away!
You and I,
We are no longer looking for truth or perfection,
we seek the Harmony of living in accord with, and in, Brahman.

And if you Fail,
do not grieve,
for it was not just Your failure,
it was Brahman's as well.
W a r n i n g
The Man of the East knew religion first as "Art".
He thought it ridiculous to describe & debate the "Ineffable & Subjective".
To him, the only relevant question was: "How to Live Well- Here, Now ?"
The needs of the present were ultimately more important.

& He said: "Unless you inhabit the present more fully through Art,
                      why bother with it ? ...   as Everything IS already
                      Art & Fancy, or the Creations of men,
                     and it is not to be taken without a smile."