The  O r i e n t a l i s t
Selections from the Asian Aphorisms of Lo-Pi Saans
P A G E    5
The sages would no t be so ego-minded or arrogant
as to admire all that has been done in their names...
To use them as "go-betweens" rather than addressing
Brahman Directly would appall them.

You do not need the Dictates of others-
You only need to know where your mind "gravitates"
when left  to itself.

Yours is a "natural religion", not a "revealed religion"...
You do not need a "revealer".
YOUR  Revelations will be at the center of All Religion-
beneath the surface and the "Art".

It is the "Messages" of the Mystic Traditions that Unites all Religions.
And if  "All Religions are different Routes Up the Same Mountain",
the Question Should be - "Why is there a Mountain?"

We, as people-of-a-kind,
have matured enough to "minister" to ourselves.
The responsibility Is Ours.
The "common-ground" of the Sages is the Ultimate/Absolute Reality
of  the Present- the Here & Now...

This World does not have to be Transcended,
It is only our conventional conceptions that do...
There will be Illusions, Delusions,
and Perception Deceptions to overcome:

There are no Gods  or "God" in the conventional sense.

God, the Creator, and God, All of Creation, Are the Same.

God is both Immanent & Transcendent,
Personal & Impersonal.
Brahman Is Everywhere...
as All there Is, and ever will be.
The Ultimate Be-ing.

Some may ask- "Where is God?"
Tell Them; "God IS Everywhere!
You Are Surrounded by God!
All the Universe IS God!
YOU Are God!
As You are Made of Godstuff!
Do You ever look to the Sky and Feel as if you are seeing Innards?"

Seperateness and Fragmentation
are an Illusion
You are already One In Brahman.

There may be no "after-life" to go to...
as Brahman is spread out before all men,
though some fail to see this.
"Heaven" may not be a place we Go,
but a place we Create in Action and Attitude.

And know that your "Character Is Your Fate"
You are Responsible.
& though You cannot "control" what happens to You,
You can "Choose" your response.

The western man would wager this;
"Sacrifice Reason. Have Faith.
& then, possibly, Go to Heaven."

We have said instead;
" do not have to sacrifice your mind.
Instead, Appreciate This Creation,
while having a good life here and now.
Take it one life at a time."
& We will leave this question of the Afterlife Open,
and take things One Life at a Time.

Creation may be Heaven Itself...
& we best Understand Creation Through Creation.

There may be no Enlightenment, Nirvana, etc.,
other than this.
There is no Ultimate Symbol, or Absolute Truth,
other than this.
Even Religion, and All that I am telling you-
is but an Artform and Attitude.
These "expectations" Shape Interpretations.
These expectations must be transcended.

Nothing should be mistaken for,
or substituted for- Real Life.

These "things" are but fingers pointed at the Truth-
the Truth of  Your real life.

We must set aside our re-presentations, our images, illusions,
expectations, and symbols before we can truly connect with
Brahman in the everyday.

There are only 2 Mistakes-
Seeeing God Nowhere at All,
& Not getting past the Symbols that Re-Present God.

Where there is No Knowledge, Let there be Science.
Where there is No Faith, Let there be Religion.
& Where there is No Beauty, Let there Be Art.