The  O r i e n t a l i s t
Selections from the Asian Aphorisms of Lo-Pi Saans
P A G E    4
Y o u r   r o g r e s s 
As Brahman offers us up as sacrificial victims-
Brahman also offers up itself  for us.
Brahman offers itself up to sustain us in life...
and Brahman is always the sacrifice.

Brahman is everywhere in the Universe,
and IS everything in the Universe...
as well as beyond it.
Brahman personifies & constitutes the entire Universe...
the root and the tree, the wave and the ocean, the moon and the sun,
All Are One in Brahman.

Brahman came into existence before anything else...
and is still the omni-present essence of everthing.

This Universal-Self IS all Individual Selves...
But the Unity and Oneness that is Brahman is divided
by the strife and chaos of seeming opposites-
appearing to be many things,
and creating Mystery.

Brahman is the final, universal, divine principle
behind all gods and men and the entire universe.
Brahman and the universe are equivalent.

"OM" re-presents Brahman ;
  with the Personal and the Impersonal aspects of Brahman
existing in all it's individual creations...
the First and the Last in Unity & Wholeness.

Brahman is in the present moment-
in it's Continual Creation...
Brahman has not left.
And now, knowing this,
We have no need for "middle-men" & Heirarchies,
for All Have Equal Access to Brahman!

Do not cut yourself off  from the Divine!
It is yours as surely as your own breath.
Share the life of Brahman!
Do not Obscure it with your-self-,
your little Ego.
Still your Mind.
& then we must Humble ourselves
before Brahman can completely fill us.
You cannot give up on Brahman,
as Brahman does not give up on itself.
You cannot lose Brahman;
You can only take Brahman for granted,
because Brahman IS Always with you.
The Message Is Complete-
Enough has been "Revealed"!
There will be no more messages & "Messiahs"...

You are too mature to be given"Great Religions",
"Salvation", and "Atonement"-
these must be self-generated...

Develope your talents!
Let them mature in time...
& in this way You Will Fuel your own "Enlightenment".

Trust Your Experience- All Knowledge is 2nd hand.
Better to have an Immense Feeling for Things than an immense Knowledge of things.
Eventually you will see how limited ordinary Logic is;
It will never lead you to real truth because it cannot quantify,
analyze, or label, the expansive "mystic" experience.

Do you use Knowledge to Connect with Others,
or Seperate from Them?

Words are for conveinience.
The true Mystic experience goes beyond them,
and it cannot be put into words

  & though the word ( mystic ) may sound "otherworldly",
it is really the "practise" of experiencing what is mysterious,
radient, spiritual, and sacred in this-  the Everyday world.

One can only "assure the mind" with names and labels;
but the PRACTISE - that Is the Hearts assurance...
& the Proof Is Always In the Practise!

  Art IS Our Meditation!
Let your "Art" Be it's own Reward! 
as the "Journey Is the Destination, and is, itself -Home"
( though Who you share it with counts for something as well ! ).
Let Go of old, out-dated, naive, "religious forms".
Open the mind to a larger understanding...

Those who no longer need religious symbols
have found Religion in the Everyday! 

And though I speak of "Hinduism",  "Atman", "Brahman", or "God",
know this:  My Religion, my God, my Spirituality,
can have no true Name or Label,
and so, cannot be limited by them...

The people's minds- they are so full of these learned
names and labels.  These formalities, abstractions, worries,
divisions and myths...This Trivia!
They are so full of it that they fail to See Clearly
and Appreciate their lives, the here & now, and Creation...
and so they have forgotten Who they Are- their Supreme Identity!

Brahman is The Absolute;  The One Existence;  God, in the highest sense of the term.
Atman is The Spirit;  The Real Self.
Thus the Many make One.