The  O r i e n t a l i s t
Selections from the Asian Aphorisms of Lo-Pi Saans
P A G E    6
Why believe in merely "the Spiritual"
when we can have an awareness of the Sacred in the present-
the real world ?

There are plenty of mysteries around...
As there are many things yet to be known,
and many ways to "know" the same thing.

That which is "spiritual"
simply leaves Room for the Mystery to Exist-
the same Mystery that is Necessary for Everything to Exist.
Were the Great Ones seeing anything "Supernatural" ?
Or were they simply the ones who were not blinded,
corrupted, and "conditioned" by their
societies, cultures, & religions ?
Were they "Outsiders"?...    Yes!
It is only by being such that they were able to develop their Humanity.
Maintaining their Original Nature,
Mindful, and Seeing Clearly,
Paying Attention, Sensitized & staying Present ...
They Were Aware of the Absolute Truth & Reality
in which we all ultimately dwell in the Present.

I am here to tell you that theirs Was Not
a "privileged" point of view that Has to be Earned.
- It IS  Your Birth-right,
and it IS accessible to All.

You have only to Overcome Your Self-Made
Obstacles ( and for some, the harder the better! ).

Some can only Appreciate Home after a long and arduous journey.

Others will Develop their sensitivities and See the Radiance.
They will  have Gratitude and show Appreciation for Creation...

Seeing the Sublime in the commonplace, and the Sacred in nature,
they will notice the Beauty in the Mystery,
and the Unity & Divinity in all the Ambiguity.

Some will be rewarded with great Understanding,
or Love for the world. Some with Compassion.
Others with Beauty.

Accepting that only Nothingness itself can be Perfect,
you learn to live with Imperfection,
as Perfection Is an Illusion.

It has been said  many times that "All Men Are Brothers, & Children of God".
Such is the value of "Love Thy Neighbor",
and "Doing Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You".

"What's It all About? - It's about Love",
& Love Makes Union Possible.

Practicing Acceptance, Forgiveness, Love, Openness,
and  "Judging Not", All can find Peace in Life-

Happiness goes beyond material well-being:
( Don't Reduce everything to Economics. )
"You can live in a marvelous house,
but with a fearful, turbulent, agitated mind,
you will not be a happy person.
To be a happy person,
to have a happy family and society,
it Is crucial to have a Good Heart".

Universal Peace develops from Inner Peace.
"Peace is not just the abscense of violence,
but the manifestation of compassion".

Have Compassion for all things- Even your opponent!
Feel your Connection to all things- Even your enemies!
Realize that Being / Non-Being Created it all; good-evil, black-white,
and none could exist without their opposites.

Can you come to terms with this Paradox without interjecting Judgement,
and without Attachment to any Belief System or Intellection?
Those are some hinderances to Connection and Compassion.

Judge Not! - the World Just IS. 

& Beware! - Your Ideology can Kill You.

It's All in the Attitude - "half of  'Being' IS  Belief."
"Most people are about as happy as they want to be."
But To Live with a "Light Heart" IS to create "Heaven".

Without reviewing the past, and planning the future, can you
make your experience of This Moment valuable and worth living ?

Best understanding Creation, through Creation,
can you find All the Universe to be an Aesthetic object ?
& will you be Grateful?
Will you show Appreciation for Creation?
The Road to Happiness Is Paved with Gratitude!
But Don't Ask "WHY?"- Just say "THANKS!".

If so, your Life and your Art will be One;
an Outward expression of Inner transformation.
Both the Eternal and the Passing,
the Inner & the Outer,
All will be One,
all right here and now.

Forget all your Plans and Worries,
& Trust that IT will Happen...
I have said all I need to say.
The  U n - B l i n d
(c)copyright Lo-Pi Saans